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Watersports South Pacific has been in business for 31 years, originally as manufacturers of boards, fins, sails, harnesses, booms and mast bases. Frequent trips to Hawaii where we built strong relationships with other pioneers in the sport provided inspiration for some product innovation in New Zealand that contributed to the evolution of windsurfing. We were the first company in the world to design and produce seat harnesses and mono film sails for windsurfing, and Graham Allen’s boards were regarded as some of the best in the World. At that time our boards, sails and rigs placed 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 at the New Zealand Nationals.

With the removal of import protection it became uneconomic to manufacture these products in New Zealand but with the contacts we had established in the Windsurfing World we were able to secure the agencies for the leading international brands.

Our philosophy is to select the best products from around the world, ship directly from the factories, and supply directly to the end user. We are licensed to receive containers directly onto our premises so we can offer the best value possible.

In 2000 we recognized the incredible possibilities of the new sport of Kiteboarding and have since become the leading supplier of kiteboarding equipment in New Zealand.

Then in 2005 the versatile sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding emerged and we were quick to jump on board. We have since gained the most comprehensive range of SUP’s in New Zealand.

We now represent Neil Pryde, JP-Australia, North Windsurf, Bic, Fanatic Windsurf, RS-X Olympic Windsurfing, Bic Techno World Youth Class, Simon Anderson, Luke Short, Red Air, Fanatic SUP, Cabrinha Kites, North Kites, ION, NP, Sharkskin, Obrien and CTRL Wake.



In the shop you will find:

Phil Stoddart

Mark Dunn

Tici Fettermann

Jack Holliday


WSP School:

Fabio Picinato

Tici Fettermann

Jack Holliday


On the water you will find:

Jamie Barrow – Kite,Wake & Surf

Geoffrey “Chuck” Waterson – Kite

Josh Nixon – Kite & SUP

Fabio Picinato – Kite, SUP & Surf

Tici Fettermann – Kite & SUP

Jack Holiday – Windsurf, SUP & Kite

Dan Thomas – Windsurf

Laurence Carey – Windsurf

Marcus Hansen – SUP


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