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Cabrinha Kites and Kiteboards

Watersports South Pacific & are proud to be the distributor for Cabrinha kites and kiteboards based in Auckland New Zealand. The Cabrinha Brand is firmly established as one of the strongest names in kiteboarding, both here in NZ and internationally.


We have stocked Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear for over ten years, our long association with Cabrinha Kiteboarding has seen some massive changes in the industry. Cabrinha have been at the forefront of the development in the kiteboarding world. In the early days they brought you the Black Tip and the CO2, but their name has really been established with the Crossbow and the Switchblade. The Crossbow and the Switchblade are by far and away the best selling and most loved kites around.


Cabrinha Kiteboarding continue to advance the kiteboard world introducing the Cabrinha Drifter, their wave kite. Since the launch of the Drifter the kite has propelled itself to be the the choice of kitesurfers around the world. In the past 2 years we have seen the number of Drifters on the water grow and grow, which is a testament to the kite. Here are a few words from Watersports Team Rider Mike Cann


“I love the Cabrinha Drifter. This is a wave specific kite which when set drifts downwind as you wave ride when other kites will fall out of the sky. Allows full concentration on the wave riding without having to consiously fly the kite”



Cabrinha consistently produce the highest quality equipment that delivers on performance.


Cabrinha have also been dominating with their kiteboards as well. The Cabrinha Custom is the premier wakestyle kiteboard that has pushed the limits of wakestyle riding.


We pride ourselves on having the largest range of Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear in New Zealand. Come in and have a chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and they’ll get you out on the water in the best gear in no time. Or shop online 24/7

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