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Neil Pryde Windsurfing New Zealand

Watersports South Pacific and are the proud distributors and dealer of Neil Pryde Windsurfing New Zealand, based in Auckland.


Neil Pryde of one of the largest names in the world of sailing and windsurfing and have over 30 years experience. Neil Pryde are known for their high build quality and performance across their range of products. Everything Neil Pryde do is to make sure you have the best most reliable equipment on the water, no matter what level you are.


Neil Pryde have a complete range of sails, booms, masts and accessories.  Neil Prydes boards are made under their JP Australia division. Neil Pryde have equipment for beginners to RS:X Olympic racing class sailors.


The sport of windsurfing in New Zealand has seen huge growth in the 80’s and 90’s and still continues to see good numbers of sailors on the water on any windy day. The conditions for windsurfing in New Zealand rival some of the best in the world. Auckland is known as the city of sails, Wellington is renowned for it’s wind and Christchurch and Dunedin also enjoy exceptional winds. Outside of the main cities you can enjoy smooth warm days with zero crowds on the water and some of the best waves around all to yourself.


Here at Watersports South Pacific we are still just as passionate about windsurfing as the day we started. For any advice on gear or getting in to the sport come and talk to our friendly team.




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