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Kitesurf Lessons

At Watersports we want to pass on our stoke for the sports we love. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction, or are looking to step it up to the next level, our experienced instructors will take you there, so don’t fear, knowledge is coming from some of the NZ’s best riders.

About our School:

WSP School operates since 2015, and brings the NZ’s best riders to provide professional quality kitesurf lessons.

Why learn with us? Meet our instructors Fabio and  Tici and why we are so special!18813629_467352966938905_646077396439642005_n

We offer:

We want you to learn in the best way possible. We offer individual kitesurfing lessons or courses which are composed of multiple lessons.

Our lessons are focuses on your individual needs, which will speeds up the earning process, increase your confidence and motivate you try something new and uncover your true potential.

** Private LessonNZ$90/hour (must book a minimum of 2 hours)

Private lesson is for those who prefer exclusive attention. One-a-one lesson fit the course to your needs. Our goal is achieve your goals.

This package is great for those that have successfully completed your kite lessons, are able to kite confident and want to continue practicing, but the kite spot is unknown to you or you need some support and assistance. Our instructors will be around to answer your questions about the spot (located in and around Auckland) and we will keep a close eye on you while you’re on the water to ensure immediate help in case of any emergency or whenever you need our support.

FREESTYLE, FREERIDE, SUFRING, FOILING…. If you are looking to reach the next level, want to improve your riding in a specific style ….. We can help you!!! With the mixture of hands on beach and water work, the coaching is customised features on your level, your objectives and your personality.


** Semiprivate lessonNZ$50 per person/hour (must book minimum of 2 hours)

Semiprivate lesson (2 people), a great option to learn with your best friend, family member whoever you want to play together. That’s mean you share the experience of kitesurfing taking turns and assisting each other working as a team.

We DO NOT combine guests to make ‘group’ lessons. This is a PRIVATE lesson for your party.


** Kids coaching NZ$ 90/hour (must book minimum of 2 hours)

The kids program is designed to be fun and teach the kids of different ages the appropriate kite flying skills for their level. The lessons are shorter than adult lessons, usually lasting between one and two hours. Kids are very impressionable, and forming a positive first impression, is vital in shaping their attitudes to the wind and water for the rest of their lives. The first day is one of the most important in a kids Kiteboarding career. Many newcomers will decide on this day whether this is the right sport for them or not. We do our very best to give kids a safe, fun and empowering experience. (Minimum age 12 years old). If the kid is under 12 yo contact us for more information


** Kite course – NZ$500 per person for 6hrs

The Kite course includes 6 hours of kiteboarding instruction spread over 3 days. It is the best course for most people entering the sport. The course will give you a great start in the sport of kiteboarding. Our main goal is ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to operate the kiteboarding equipment safely without unnecessary risk. This journey will take you from the basic gear selection and how to set up, to the self-rescue procedures, know how to use all of your safety systems, and work on skills mastery.

No previous watersports training required.

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