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For all kitesurfers who are looking to rent kitesurf equipment in Auckland, our Watersports Rental Centre offers a great selection of Cabrinha and North kiteboarding equipment. We have kites from 6m to 15m and all types of boards, according to availability: twintips, freestyle boards and surfboards.

This program is for intermediate to advanced riders only, must be able to consistently stay upwind and know self rescue procedures. For all of you who are not sure, if your kite level is sufficient for renting we offer kite check up sessions and supervision rental and don’t forget at anytime you can easily book a couple of lessons.

Supervision Kiterental therefore is ideal, to help you kite independently with the confidence of knowing you are under the watchful eye of your supervisor.

kite rental

Rental is possible at the Watersports Rental Centre during opening hours
(Mon-Fri 9:30-5pm) or at our teaching spot of the day.

Rental gear is under your responsibility, and upon request agree to pay for any damages and /or total loss incurred to said equipment and accessories excessive of normal use and depreciation, as assessed by the Watersports Staff. We expect you to act responsible whilst using our gear.

Daily rentals are charged from time equipment is signed out.

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Find HERE the locations around Auckland City to kitesurf!!!!

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