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2015 Fanatic Falcon Flatwater Carbon | WSP Sale – $1500 off, now $1995!


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The Fanatic Falcon Flatwater is amazingly fast, you can push it up onto a plane and it’s so efficient it takes little effort to keep it there. The wide tail also means it is very easy to do fast mark roundings. Our race team has adopted the Flatwater for the Mission Bay City Surf Series

With the ever growing circuit of pure, flat water racing, Fanatic offers four real flat water Raceboard models. From marathon paddles to morning glides, these all-round race shapes convert strokes into distance effortlessly.


After a very intensive R&D process that took place for well over a year, those four shapes will allow our team riders to dominate across all areas of SUP Racing. Revolving around our successful concept of Open Water designs, the main feature of ease in use in all conditions, was the foundation for the new boards. Our goal was to create a board that would be the fastest on flat water, yet capable in chop, a situation race riders are often confronted with. Teamed with innovation and hot design the Flatwater Falcon is available in our high-tech Carbon Technology, so racers can focus on the competition as the board takes care of itself.



Key Features:

  • A slightly curved scoop rocker line from tail to nose for a clean water release
  • Narrow, parallel outlines for the best combination of speed, low drag and stability
  • Wide tail allows for quick kick turning and additional stability
  • Cutting bow combined with open ocean design for neutral paddling
  • Flat bottom shape for stability, quick planing and neutral behaviour of the board
  • Sharp release edges from centre to tail for clean water release
  • Flat V-deck shape in the standing area for maximum wide stance and quick water drainage
  • New lower volume curve in the nose to avoid side wind pushing and reduced nose weight

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