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NP Edge Pro Carbon Fixed | 2+1 year Warranty


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The ultimate paddle. Clean and elegant design, unbelievably light weight and incredible attention to detail. The NP Edge Pro will improve your SUP experience. 


All backed up with an unprecedented 2+1 year warranty.


Available in three blade area sizes:
80cm, 84cm, 90cm



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NP Edge Pro Fixed| 2+1 Year Warranty


The NP Edge Pro is the best paddle to come into production Watersports South Pacific has experienced. Even after 10+ years in the SUP industry.


The design team behind NeilPryde windsurfing invested years of research and development in the NP Edge Pro. Their dedication is evident in an unprecedented level of attention to detail. As a result each feature has been carefully considered to improve the experience of using the paddle.


In the hand the reduced diameter (27.5 mm) 100% carbon paddle shaft feels incredibly light and responsive. A matt finish offers more grip when the paddle becomes wet.


The fixed NP Edge Pro features a tapered shaft, reducing in diameter towards the blade end. Therefore reducing the shaft length results in a more forgiving flex.


On the water the shaft uses 20 degree off axis filament wound to give the perfect balance of power verses torque stability. A unique paddle into shaft construction allows a for stronger connection point into the blade and reduced swing weight, further contributing to a light responsive feel.


A hybrid blade shape maximizes performance across all SUP disciplines. The angled dihedral is a key performance feature. This results in enhanced stability during the power application, enabling the rider to transfer all their energy effectively throughout the stoke. An ABS side wall for protection against impact provides the finishing touch.









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