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ION Jewel 2:1 mm Top (Womens)


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ION Jewel 2:1 mm Top (Womens)


ION Jewel 2:1 mm top is perfect for those summer watersports. Comfort fit and total freedom of movement


Even though Neo Tops are mostly used in warm water, they can be used to react to changing weather conditions. It’s a clever way to quickly add some extra warmth when it’s getting a bit chilly or cloudy.


They offer more heat retention compared to rashguards and feel extremely comfortable due to the super stretchy S_Type neoprene. They provide 100% UV protection and help reduce rash and pressure marks from a harness or lying on a surfboard. It even works great as an additional layer of neoprene underneath your wetsuit when extra warmth is needed.




Flat lock flexible non irritating seams

Loop for fixing board shorts

Loop to attach sun glasses

UV protection 35 to 50+

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