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Intermediate Freeride Package | JP Magic Ride + Neilpryde Fusion

Andy "Bubble" Chambers [K-540] from the JP team on the Magic Ride board in Maui, Hawaii (USA). Photo: Thorsten Indra

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Getting back in to windsurfing after or a break or want to upgrade to the latest equipment? We have put together the ultimate intermediate free-ride package.


Complete with:
Board – JP Magic Ride ES
Sail – Neilpryde Fusion
Mast – Neilpryde 430
Boom – Neilpryde X1
Extension – Neilpryde Alloy
Base – Neilpryde UXT



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Intermediate Freeride Package | JP Magic Ride + Neilpryde Fusion


We have put together an intermediate freeride windsurf package that combines all the latest windsurf gear from JP and Neilpryde.

The Board.

JP Magic Ride Epoxy Sandwich – The Magic Ride plane’s unbelievably early and jibing has never been easier. They are super stable, yet the only ones in their class to provide an electrifying feel and lively ride. The performance and top speed of the new shapes are also unmatched.


Key Features: 

  • All boards feature a double concave Vee flowing into a flat Vee towards the tail, lifting the boards onto the plane instantly: You don’t need to pump or use a special technique – just sheet in, plane and enjoy!
  • You can get away with a smaller sail and about 10-15 L less volume compared to traditional freeride shapes.
  • Thin rails in combination with low overall thickness make them turn incredibly easy: They pretty much gybe by themselves.
  • Quality JP fittings – JP adjustable footstraps and G10 fin.




The Rig.


The Rig is based around Neilpryde’s Fusion (Sails up to 6.5m) and making use of Neilprydes quality componentry. The Fusion are designed to be used anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition. Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, try a freestyle trick or get into freeride mode and leave your friends behind for speed. With forgiving handling the Fusion is suited to all types of windsurfing.


Key Features:

  • The NeilPryde sails are built tough, designed to withstand the most extreme riding conditions and the test of time. Extra muscle and twice the endurance are achieved with twin seams and ArmourWeb reinforced construction. This, together with our Forceline technology, provides the backbone of NeilPryde sail strength and unmatched durability.
  • Neilpryde X1 boom, solid alloy construction and massive 165 – 225cm range of adjustment.
  • Neilpryde FLX 40 Mast – Durable, performance mast with 3 year warranty.
  • Neilpryde aluminium extension.
  • Neilpryde mast base.


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