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Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy Foil

RS:Flight Alloy Foil
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The RS: Flight aluminium foil by Neilpryde is designed for freeriding. Forgiving enough to learn on while offering exciting performance.




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Neilpryde RS: Flight Alloy

The Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy is the ultimate introduction to windfoiling. Experience a whole new sensation and extend your windrange way down into lighter breezes. Designed to work in any board with a reinforced deep tuttle box the RS:Flight Alloy is an exceptionally durable high-performance modular Aluminum/G10 foil designed with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off. Once you have the hang of foiling it delivers a lot of speed and upwind performance.

Click here for more info on windfoiling: Intro to Windsurf Foiling.



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