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RS:X Convertible – Coming in 2017!

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RS:X Convertible – Foiling Windsurf Concept.



RS:X Convertible coming in 2017!



The RS:X Convertible is a beautifully simple concept based around a 120L board and 7.8m sail, sailors fly on the foil in light breeze and then blast on the fin once the wind gets stronger. Designed primarily to secure windsurfing’s future at the Olympics, the most exciting part about the concept is its relevance to the recreational sailor. How good would it be to see fleets of recreational sailors racing again and be proud of the windsurfing done at the Olympics, not embarrassed.


To achieve this Neilpryde has addressed all the issues that render the current RS:X unappealing to the recreational sailor:


It’s too heavy:
The carbon injection board weighs just 6kg! (vs 20kg for current RS:X)

The rigs too big:
The RS:X convertible is designed around a 7.8m sail.

Its not exciting to sail, especially in light winds:
The RS:X convertible is fully foiling in just 5 knots of Breeze! Whats more blasting round on a 120L board when the wind gets up is going to be way more fun than manhandling a 240L behemoth.

Its not compatible with our existing gear:

The board will work with almost any size sail, and the 7.8m rig is a great slalom/freeride size.
All the components (460 Mast, 180 boom) are more likely to be useful on existing sails.

It’s too expensive:

There will be a RS:X One version, which will be heavier but cheaper and more durable. Most sailors will have a suitable rig and wont have to buy a new one. The board can replace an existing board in the quiver.


The Board:
225 x 75, 6kg Carbon Injection.
Carbon Pre-oreg foil.
Carbon fin.

The Rig
7.8m *based off Neilpryde Evo 8 Race Sail
4 cams
100% Mast
100% Boom.


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