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Geoffrey “Chuck” Waterson / NZ North Rider

  • Age: Not as young as I used to be
  • Years Riding: 11years
  • Favourite Trick: Kiteloop NIS (It’s an unhooked kiteloop with a front roll, front-side handlepass)

Top 3 Watersports locations:


Safety Bay, Western Australia (January – March):  It’s summer, warm & windy. Incredibly good wind and water conditions, with freestyle options on both tacks. Typically there is a host of the worlds Pro riders to get inspired by and ride with at this time of the year

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada (June – September): Probably the most reliable wind I have ever come across – every day it blows like clockwork! It’s summer time (a good kiwi-winter getaway spot!) warm wind, but cold water (bring your wetty) Stunning views with glacier mountains in the backdrop. “The Spit” is the main spot with glassy flat water on the downwind side. There’s also a very friendly crew to help you out and cheer you on

Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand: Year round can’t beat your home spot! Best with a warm North Easterly wind, low tide and small swell to flatten out the sections. Nothing like riding with the local crew!




2016 North Dice 7m,9m,11m

2016 Vegas 8m, 10m, 12m

2016 North Gambler

North Poop Boots



Achievements to-date:

2014 NZ Freestyle Nationals 2nd

2011 NZ Freestyle Nationals 2nd

2010 NZ Freestyle Nationals 3rd

2009 NZ Freestyle Nationals 3rd




I have been riding with North Kiteboarding since 2012 and since 2008







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