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Jamie Barrow / International Cabrinha Rider

  • Age: Born in the 80’s...
  • Years Riding: 15+
  • Favourite Trick: Anything powered and un-hooked
Jamie Barrow


Living now, Auckland NZL


I was born on a farm in New Zealand sometime back in the 80’s, into a family devoted to the water. Growing up I spent just about every weekend on the ocean, fishing with my grandparents or sailing with my mum. At school I first learnt to surf,  then windsurf, and when kite boarding finally came to town I gave that a go and was instantly hooked.


When I was 18, I sidestepped university “temporarily” and became a kiteboarding bum, working in the local kitesurf shop and riding as much as possible.I used this lifestyle as a platform to compete both at home and overseas and was NZ freestyle and Wave champion.


A few years ago I started wakeboarding as something to do when it wasn’t windy. Wakeboarding quickly became a passion and I started competing as much as possible. The great thing about both sports is that you can attack them from the same angle – for me that is riding as big and as clean as I can. I am extremely lucky to be able to do something I love in just about any weather condition – so long as I can find some water I can ride it.


I ride as much as possible – wake style kiting when its windy, and behind the boat when its not. I see wakeboarding and kiteboarding as the same sport – the only difference being the vehicle that pulls you.


Top 3 Watersports locations


Great Barrier Reef – flat and windy for kiting
Woodmans Point, Perth – Consistent wind turns on like clockwork
West Auckland – Wont say where but its all time.


Lake Karapiro – awesome back drop, and its usually glass.
CWC, Phillippines  6 winch parks, a full size cable and a boat lake. What more can you say
The Lincs…. local


Set up



2017 FX quiver

H3 Boots

2017 CBL Board

Cabrinha Skillet 5’6’’


2017 CBL


Achievements to-date:

2007 NZ Freestyle National Champion
2008 NZ Wave Champion
2008 NZ Freestyle Nationals 2nd

2015 NZ Freestyle Nationals 2nd



2016  New Zealand Cable Wakeboarding Champion

2011 Cable VS Wake Champion
2012 Auckland Wakeboard Open 2nd Open Mens
2012 Wakeboard Nationals 4th Open Mens














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