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Josh Nixon / NZ North Rider

  • Years Riding: 12+
  • Favourite Trick: Back Mobe
josh nixon


Living in Auckland City


Top 3 Watersports locations:


Omaha – This is a location where you can do it all. The beach is a perfect curve so that when there is swell on the East Coast SUP surfing is amazing and with such a long beach you can always find the perfect spot. When the wind comes in Omaha becomes a kiteboarding Mecca with good waves that are well spread out.


St Heliers – Is awesome to kite at when the wind is anything between a Westerly and a Northerly. Two hours before or after low tide are good because you get shallow flat water. I find that when St Heliers is going off I am always progressing and learning.


Orewa – My favourite kiting spot because there are always friends riding there. If you can land a trick in the surf at Orewa you can land it anywhere.



Set up:

2017 North Dice 7m,9m,11m,13m

North Juice 15m,18m

2017 North Gambler

2017 North TS Hadlow

2017 North Team Series

2017 Poop Boots



On the roof I would have my JP Widebody 8’8 SUP just in-case the wind isn’t in.


Black to Blind Video, click here





From Josh Nixon on Vimeo

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