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Laurence Carey

  • Age: 21
  • Years Riding: 7
  • Favourite Trick: Bottom turn always works a treat. Smack it as hard as you can and come out fast...

Laurence is currently New Zealand’s top slalom sailor and is looking to pursue a career on the Professional Windsurf Tour after representing New Zealand at the world junior champs multiple times. He made his debut in New Caledonia last year and is looking to do a few more stops on tour this year after he wraps up his university study.


Top 3 Windsurf Locations:

Kanaha Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii
Alacati, Turkey
Bay of Islands



2014 & 2015 Open Mens National Slalom Windsurfing Champion
2011 – 2014 Youth National Slalom Champion
2014 2nd Open Mens Maui Race Series



Favourite combo is my 7.0 North Warp with my Starboard Isonic 107 with my 38 Meanline Fin.

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