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Rachel Cann

  • Age: Forever Young
  • Years Riding: 15 years (!!!!)
  • Favourite Trick: Unhooked: S-Bend to Blind. Hooked in boosting: front roll grab with kiteloop


Top 3 Watersports locations:

Cervantes, West Oz  – Beautiful warm water, great wind and flat water

Noumea – Great flat water behind the sand bar

A great flat water spot somewhere on the west coast of NZ….



Set up:

2015 Cabrinha Chaos 7m, 9m

2015 Cabrinha Drifter 5.5m

2016 Cabrinha Switchblade 4.5m

2015 Cabrinha Custom 



Achievements to-date:

2009 PKRA Noumea 6th

2009 NZ Freestyle National Womens Champion

2008 NZ Freestyle National Womens Champion


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