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Learning to windsurf can be difficult, getting quality instruction can mean the difference between getting addicted and quitting out of frustration.

Our primary goal is to speed up the learning process as much as possible, we are not interested in stringing you along for a whole bunch of lessons, we want to get you self sufficient and addicted to the sport.

We teach using the latest top-of-the-line JP and Neilpryde equipment. Our windsurfing lessons include all the gear you need (harness, helmet, impact vest and wetsuit), unless you want to bring your own.

Watersports windsurf school caters for all abilities from beginner to advanced and we can cover any discipline; wave sailing, freestyle, slalom or speed. So if your taking your first steps or want to nail your first front loop we have you covered.

We teach all year round at most of popular spots around Auckland. All lessons are by appointment and subject to weather conditions so we can put you in the best conditions to progress.

Check out our lesson options below, or get in contact with us to customize a lesson package to suit.


       Private Lesson: 

We will meet you at the beach rigged and ready to go. Private lessons will be customized based on your ability and what you are looking to achieve. All the gear is provided. Bring a mate along for a better rate.

      One person NZ$99/ 1.5 hours
2-3 People NZ$79 pp /1.5 hours


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       Advanced Lesson: 

If you are looking to step it up to the next level come to us with your goal and we can help you achieve it.
Wave – Getting out the back, jumping, backside turns, frontside turns, forward loops etc.
Freestyle – Duck gybes, Upwind 360’s, Learn to Vulcan, Spock, Grubby etc.
Slalom – Gear setup, starts, gybes, tactics etc.
Speed – Gear Setup, slingshots etc.

       NZ$50 per hour per person


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Full course: 

The full course includes 8.5 hours of windsurf instruction over multiple days. For beginners this will take you from having never been on a board before to planing in the harness. For more advanced windsurfers this course can be used to nail carve gybes, front loops, vulcans or anything else you want to achieve. All gear is provided. 

No previous watersports training required.

When you buy a full course package we give you a special discount off of any windsurf package purchased at our store.


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