Front Zip vs Back Zip Wet Suit

Front Zip vs Back Zip Wet Suit


front zip vs back zip


With the growing popularity of the front zip wet suit we thought it best to highlight some pro’s and con’s of each style of suit. In the shop we are split 50/50 with the younger half favoring the front zip and the senior half opting for the back zip.


Front Zip 


When you first attempt to put on a front zip suit it can be a little challenging and usually results in banging off the walls of the changing room. Most people see this as a con of this style of suit. However a simple tip to make life easy is when you un-zip the suit it creates an opening with one side of the zip wider open than the other. Once you have your legs into the suit and it’s half way up your torso, insert your arm that is on the side where the opening is the smallest in first. Your second arm will then go in with ease.


The front zip has a couple of major benefits, firstly the freedom of movement if offers. The back zip restricts tuck movements of the torso, whereas the front zip movements of this type are way less restricted. In most watersports a tuck movement of the torso is very common so you want to make the make this movement as free as possible. Another major benefit is you do not get an in-flow of cold water down your back when you first jump into the water!


Back Zip


Really is the flip side of the above, a much easier suit to get into due to the opening being much larger, but you do lose some freedom of movement. The trade off is worth it in some peoples opinion. Not all back zip wet suits dump a ton of water down you back when you first jump into the water though. Have a look out for a suit with a second back layer to prevent this happening.


Once you have decided what style to go for, it really comes down to finding a suit that is a good fit with a high quality neoprene that is super stretchie unlike poor quality suits that feel like you are wearing a cardboard suit.


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