2015 PWA – New Caledonia


PWA – New Caledonia

Watersports team riders Dan Thomas, Laurence Carey and Jack Holliday have just returned from the penultimate event on the PWA world tour held in New Caledonia.

The beautiful bay at Ans Vata turned it on for the competitors, delivering winds from 15-25 knots almost every day of the competition window, alowing the PWA crew to get through 9 eliminations.


Leader of the kiwi team Laurence Carey had an awesome event, his hard work over the years paying off. He showed a few nerves in the early rounds, getting shut out by ol mate Marco Lang to miss the first elimination then going over early twice in the next two rounds. Then he started to really fire blitzing his way through to the winners final, the first for a Kiwi since Scott Fenton in the 90’s. Unfortunately he tangled with Taty Frans over the line, reducing his sail a few square meters.

In the next round, he easily made the semi where he had a real go at slipping inside Ben Van der Steen to take 4th but backed off cracking him in the head with his boom (which he had all rights to do). It cost him a second trip to the winners final but Ben is massive so probably a good call by Carey.

In the second round of the last elimination he was comfortable in fourth coming up to the final mark when disaster struck. With the finish line in sight his mast, probably damaged by his earlier crash gave up the ghost. You could hear the groans on the beach as Laurence was carted in by the boat.

Still an incredible event by the young Kiwi who despite the mast breakage still finished 25th and announced his arrival on the tour which he will do full time next year.


Dan Thomas was sailing really well in the local event before the PWA but unfortunately a few small mistakes prevented him from progressing into the second round.

His highlights included:

  • Beating the Dingo in one of the Anzac heats.
  • Sailing in the wrong heat in the final elimination.
  • Finishing the massive long distance race with a broken harness.


Jack Holliday had a few good battles in the top four but couldn’t hold out until the final mark. Ended up 49th.

Highlights included:

  • Snapping a locals mast after crashing into him in the event before the PWA
  • Sitting in dead last after crashing out of the first two races.
  • The commentary team singing the Madonna song ‘Holiday’ during his races


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