Windsurf Foiling! | JP Hydrofoil 135 and Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy foil in stock!

Until now every foil we have ordered has been snapped by pre-order buyers before arriving in the country. Finally we have managed to secure some for stock!

The Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy has proven to be an incredible introduction to windsurf foiling – forgiving enough to learn on while still offering heaps of performance.
There are already over 30 riders in New Zealand flying around on the RS:Flight!
Check it out here: 

While you can chuck your foil in any board with a deep tuttle box and a bit of width people are finding a dedicated foil board highlights all the benefits of windsurf foiling.

The new JP Hydrofoil 135 is proving to be a machine. Check it out here:

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