Foil board, Surf foil, Hydrofoil, SUP Foil……pumping foil ???

We are very excited to present the best pumping Foil in the market, showed as a effortless going for multiples waves @Deltafoils. Pumping foils became a ‘thing’ when it first became possible to bolt a foil into a surfboard. Kiteboarders didn’t need to pump, because they had a kite to pull them along. Sailors couldn’t […]

Windsurf Foiling! | JP Hydrofoil 135 and Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy foil in stock!

Until now every foil we have ordered has been snapped by pre-order buyers before arriving in the country. Finally we have managed to secure some for stock! The Neilpryde RS:Flight Alloy has proven to be an incredible introduction to windsurf foiling – forgiving enough to learn on while still offering heaps of performance. There are […]

School Holidays Kids Camp – Kitesurf, SUP, Surf 18th-21st April

The CAMP is dedicated to kids who love nature and sports from 12 years, who want to start kitesurfing during the school holidays. This camp offers unforgettable experience with kite, SUP and surf courses as a lot of fun!  Fully supervised, epic onshore and offshore activities!!! Don’t miss this unique opportunity!!! For enquires and bookings […]