Girls Kitesurf Coaching Series – Tici Fettermann


Are you ready to raise your kitesurf skill level?

This series will be perfect to improve your riding!! From the Basics Skills (upwind ability, confidence, water launch, self-launch), Rustic Freestyle (first jumps, pop, rotations, grabs, raileys N.B. All moves are hooked in), to the Upper Freesytle (kite loops, first time unhooking, unhooked rotations, unhooked raileys, surface handle passes).


Where?  The series will take place at Te Atatu or Pt Chev. But different location can be arranged. I want to make sure to offer flexibility according with wind conditions and how many girls attending.


When?  The first series will run from Nov 2016– Dec 2016.  Lock these dates and hopefully the wind will be there too.

November : Tuesday 8th – 5pm / Sunday 13th – 2pm / Tuesday 22nd – 5pm / Sunday 27th – 3pm

December:  Sunday 4th – 2:30pm

January 2017: Sunday 22nd – 3:30pm 



Who is Tici??? I am one of the most enthusiastic and passionate kiteboard you can ever meet. Full of energy, love to share experience and inspire others, as well push and encourage more girls to kitesurf.  I have been competing locally on freestyle competitions: in 2015 won the NZ Freestyle Nationals Womens and in 2016 the Manureva Aquafest Freestyle Womens.

Tici is Supported by: Watersports South Pacific, Cabrinha Kites New Zealand and Apex South Pacific


About the Series: The series is for Girls ONLY from beginner to advanced level. It’s a 1 hour of a bit of side-shore instruction followed by an intense ride with tuition. Improve your riding, progress and reach your goals!!! Maximum of 5 girls per coaching –Booking are essential!!

Cost $20 per session



  • Focuses on your individual needs,
  • Speeds up the learning process
  • Increases your confidence
  • Motivates you to try something new
  • Uncovers your true potential


$20 per person 

For bookings 

Email us on