2019 Cabrinha HI:RISE SPEED kit



2019 Cabrinha HI:RISE SPEED kit SET include:

* Fuselage ( NEW 20% lighter 650mm extended fuselage with improved stabilty and hydrodynamics)

*Front and Rear wing  (Double layer carbon fiber construction)

The HI:RISE SPEED wing set is a moderate aspect wing with a faster profile made for going fast. It is designed for speed and stability when freeriding and stops short of being a full blown racing wing. That being said, hold on because this wing will go as fast as you want to ride.

“Speed and Turning” – Elliptical wing platforms with more anhedral are fast and maneuverable. Carve tight radius turns. Great for surf and freestyle.

NOTE, they are compatible with the 2018 cabrinha mast


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