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We know that with the massive range of SUP’s on offer its hard to decide which is going to be the right board for you. With that in mind we have created a guide that takes into account your weight and skill level to point you towards the right boards. The first step in the process is deciding which category you fall into; Surf, Allround or Race/Touring.


Surf SUPs are designed to perform in the waves at the expense of flat water speed. Choosing the right surf SUP is critical so you are comfortable enough to paddle out and get into the waves but also able to rip it up once you are riding. Check out the board selector here: Surf SUP Board Selector


Allround SUPs are the jack off all trades. They are happy cruising in the flat water as well as mixing it up in the surf. They are the best boards to go for if you are getting into SUP. Check out the board selector here: Allround SUP Board Selector

Fly-HRS 2015

Race/ Touring SUPs are the speed machines. They are designed for maximum efficiency so they are great for covering distance. Boards in this category are not suitable for breaking surf. Check out the board selector here: Race/Touring Board Selector

Falcon Carbon 2015 4

At Watersports we have many years of experience in helping people find the right board so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


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