SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has quickly grown into one of the biggest watersports in the world. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is so easy to pick up for anyone, yet with a variety of disciplines it’s a sport that can keep the most skilled water-people addicted for life.

At Watersports South Pacific we have teamed up with JP Australia, Fanatic and Red Air to ensure we have the best range of equipment in New Zealand.


Our SUP school helps you take your first steps in the sport. We are fully flexible on times and locations so let us know how we can design a lesson package to suit you.  Find out more here: Watersports SUP Lessons.

Alongside the school we also have a fully stocked rental and demo center, if your travelling or just want to try the latest gear contact us here: Watersports SUP Rentals.

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Wave Boards are designed, as the name suggests to rip in the surf. We stock a range of models from JP and Fanatic to cover any conditions, from tiny knee high peelers to hollow monsters.

Allround Boards are the most versatile boards in the range, and the best place to start if you are looking to get into paddle-boarding. They have enough length and stability to make paddling in flat water fun, and maneuverable enough to have a blast in the surf. We stock a full ranges of sizes and construction to suit any person and any budget.

Touring/Raceboards are the speed machines. Longer and narrower than the all-round boards, they cover distance effortlessly and are perfect for racing or doing down winders. Look out for our team of incredibly talented SUP racers that battling it out around the country; Marcus Hansen (2012-13 National Champ), Josh Nixon, Sam Thom, Troy Houston, Stacey Smith and Peter Burling.

Inflatables are the fastest growing segment of the SUP market. They are incredibly practical with the ability to pack down into a backpack, light weight and indestructible construction. The top inflatables from brands like Red Air and JP Australia also offer amazing performance.



Watersports South Pacific is New Zealands Leading Kitesurf store come and check us out in Auckland, 54A Barrys Point Rd Takapuna.

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